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Ethical Marketing Policy

The Ethical Marketing Policy explains what liiteGuard believes in when it comes to marketing. Overall we want to be honest, respectful, and responsible in everything we do.

This policy applies to everyone who works for liiteGuard and individuals or any organization that liiteGuard deals with including, but not limited to suppliers, distributors and customers.



At liiteGuard, we're all about performance, innovation and responsibility. These values are really important to us and guide us in everything we do. That also means our marketing.

Our marketing isn't just about telling you how great our products are; it's also about how we're working and how we can make a positive impact.

We want to stay true to our values and empower our customers and followers.

In the end, you have the right to know how we do business at liiteGuard. Our marketing team has a big responsibility to make sure you get the right information at the right time, the right way. 

We commit to absolute honesty and transparency in our marketing.



Commitment to reject impact washing

We are committed to rejecting impact washing and upholding our values of honesty and transparency. We pledge to:

Transparent communication

Clearly communicate both our positive and negative impacts, ensuring that stakeholders have access to complete and unbiased information.


Hold ourselves accountable for our actions, taking responsibility for any harm caused and actively seeking solutions to mitigate negative effects.

Continuous improvement

Continuously seek ways to improve our operations, products, and services to minimize harm and maximize positive contributions to society and the environment.

No misleading claims

Refrain from making misleading or exaggerated claims about our impact or responsibility efforts.

Community engagement

Actively engage with our communities, customers, and partners to better understand their needs and concerns, incorporating their feedback into our decision-making processes.

Ethical practices

Uphold ethical business practices, ensuring that our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is reflected in all aspects of our operations.

Education and awareness

Promote awareness and understanding of impact washing within our organization and among our stakeholders, fostering a culture of accountability and transparency.

By making this commitment, we aim to build trust and credibility while genuinely contributing to a more responsible and equitable future for all.


Commitment to ethical digital advertising

We are fully committed to ethical digital advertising practices and pledge to:

Honesty and transparency

Always be truthful and transparent in our digital advertising campaigns, providing accurate information to our audience.

Respect for privacy

Prioritize the privacy of individuals by complying with data protection regulations and obtaining necessary consents for data usage.

No deceptive tactics

Refrain from using deceptive, misleading, or clickbait tactics that could mislead or manipulate our audience.

Fair competition

Engage in fair competition, avoiding any actions that unfairly harm our competitors or misrepresent their products or services.

Responsible targeting

Target our advertisements responsibly, avoiding practices that discriminate against or exploit vulnerable populations.

Content moderation

Monitor and moderate user-generated content on our digital platforms to ensure it complies with ethical guidelines.

Consumer feedback

Listen to and address consumer feedback and concerns related to our digital advertising campaigns promptly and professionally.

Environmental responsibility

Consider the environmental impact of our digital advertising efforts and adopt responsible practices where possible.

Educational initiatives

Educate our team members and stakeholders about ethical digital advertising principles and practices.


Hold ourselves accountable for our digital advertising actions and continually strive to improve our ethical standards.

By making this commitment, we aim to build trust with our audience, foster a positive digital environment, and contribute to responsible and ethical digital advertising practices.


Commitment to cultural sensitivity in campaign creatives

We are committed to ensure our marketing campaigns are culturally sensitive. We pledge to:

Respect diversity

Embrace and respect the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our audience and stakeholders.

Avoid stereotypes

Refrain from using stereotypes or clichés that might offend or misrepresent any cultural group.

Research and understanding

Invest time and effort in researching and understanding the cultures we engage with in our campaigns.


When necessary, consult with cultural experts or community representatives to ensure accurate and respectful representation.

Language consideration

Be mindful of language choices, translations, and interpretations to prevent unintended offense.


Strive to be inclusive and promote messages that resonate positively with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Sensitivity review

Conduct sensitivity reviews of campaign materials to identify and rectify any potential cultural insensitivity.

Feedback loop

Encourage feedback from our audience and stakeholders to continually improve our cultural sensitivity in creative campaigns.

By making this commitment, we aim to create campaigns that resonate positively with all cultural groups and promote a more inclusive and respectful world.


Commitment to permission-based email marketing

We are dedicated to practicing permission-based email marketing and uphold the following commitments:

Respect for privacy

We respect the privacy of our subscribers and will only send emails to those who have explicitly given us permission to do so.

Clear opt-In process

We ensure a transparent and straightforward opt-in process, making it easy for individuals to subscribe to our emails.

Honesty and transparency

We clearly communicate the purpose of our emails and what subscribers can expect to receive.

Easy unsubscribe

We provide a simple and easy-to-use unsubscribe mechanism, allowing subscribers to opt out at any time.

Data security

We prioritize the security of subscriber data, employing safeguards to protect personal information.

Content relevance

We commit to sending relevant and valuable content to our subscribers, aligning with their interests and preferences.

Anti-Spam compliance

We strictly adhere to anti-spam laws and regulations, ensuring that our email marketing practices are in full compliance.

Continuous improvement

We continually assess and refine our email marketing strategies to better serve our subscribers and respect their permissions.

By making this commitment, we aim to build trust with our subscribers and maintain the highest standards of ethical email marketing.


Commitment to update this Ethical Marketing Policy

We are committed to updating our Ethical Marketing Policy to ensure it remains relevant and effective in guiding our marketing practices. To fulfill this commitment, we pledge to:

Regular review

Conduct periodic reviews of our Ethical Marketing Policy to assess its alignment with evolving industry standards and ethical considerations.

Stakeholder engagement

Involve our stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, and experts, in the review process to gather diverse perspectives and insights.

Legal compliance

Ensure that our policy is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing marketing ethics.

Emerging issues

Stay informed about emerging ethical issues in marketing, and promptly address any new challenges that may arise.


Clearly communicate any updates or changes to our Ethical Marketing Policy to all relevant parties, both internally and externally.

Training and awareness

Educate our team members and stakeholders about the revised policy to ensure understanding and adherence.

Feedback mechanism

Establish a feedback mechanism for employees and stakeholders to provide input and report concerns related to our marketing practices.

Continuous improvement

Commit to an ongoing process of improvement, refining our policy as needed to maintain the highest ethical standards in our marketing efforts.

By making this commitment, we aim to adapt and strengthen our Ethical Marketing Policy to reflect the evolving landscape of marketing ethics, ultimately building trust and credibility with our audience.


Contact Information

If you have any follow-up questions and-/or will provide us with feedback, please contact us.

Email: info@liiteguard.com

Address: Hermodsvej 18b, 8230 Åbyhøj, Denmark

VAT: DK38229648